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RP Journal for the Ten Forward rp community, character taken from the Dawn of Steam novel series. (warning: bio includes mild spoilers, since the third book in the series is not yet published)

Sam is extraordinarily long lived, and has spent her lifetime in the 1700's and early 1800's, first with her father, Dr. Robert Bowe, and on her own, traveling the known world. In that time, she has picked up dozens of languages, extraordinary survival skills (tracking, stealth, hunting, etc.), a range of combat skills (favoring her knives, but conversant with a range of weapons and styles available in the 17 and 1800's), and a breadth of practical knowledge.
Her physical abilities push the limits of human capability. Her speed and reflexes are especially notable, but her strength, endurance, acuity of senses, etc. are similar to those of other 'borderline superhumans', such as Captain America, Batman or the Black Panther. She is limited to skills and knowledge available in her timeline, and while wide-ranging, her skills primarily lend themselves to travel and wilderness survival, not the technical or scholastic.
She is also very good at passing for a teenage male, with many decades of practice and few outward clues that's not the case. Unless they have cause to know otherwise, most people should perceive her as male.

Finally, Sam owns an ornithopter which possesses the intelligence of a highly trained sheepdog. 'Bubsy' is a steampunk construct designed to hold brain patterns, Frankenstein-style, who ended up with the mind of a smart dog. While Bubsy has no weapons or real offense capability, he can carry Sam in flight for short periods of time, or slow the descent from great heights or allow very short periods of gliding for two people. Bubsy knows a variety of commands, and learns quickly. He's also very good at herding.

Contact post is here:

Disclaimer: I am not Samantha Bowe. Sam Bowe is a fictional character from a published work being used outside of those books in a fan community. This character is used for this purpose with author permission. Sam Bowe, and the Dawn of Steam Universe are the property of the authors. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

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